Thank You!

The Santa Clara County Dental Foundation sincerely thanks the following dentists and friends who have contributed to the Foundation in 2017 and 2018. Whether you designated a gift when you paid your tripartite dues, sent a check or attended a fund-raising event, your help is valued and appreciated. These funds allowed the Foundation to designate $15,000 in 2018 toward $1000 scholarships for 15 deserving dental assisting and hygiene students at our local schools, thus allowing us to encourage our future work force. The Foundation is also building up its pro bono care program with new volunteer dentists and new referring partner agencies and providing up to $500 in lab costs if they are required for these referred patients. Again, thank you.

If you would like to donate to the Santa Clara County Dental Foundation, please click the button below.

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American Endowment Foundation
Araldi, Daniel, DDS
Aring, Karen H.
Asadi, Mohammad, DDS
Azar, Bashar, DDS
Barghouth, George, DDS
Baroudi Leila, DDS
Belova, Olga, DDS
Berquist, Herbert, DMD
Beveridge, Erin, DDS
Beveridge, Stephen, DDS
Block, Gordon, DDS
Bo, Steven, DDS
Call, Donald, DDS
Carroll & Co.
Casey, Diane, DDS
Chan, Wesley, DDS
Chen, Jiangkai, DDS
Chow, David, DDS, MS
Cohen, Steven, DDS
Concert Global
Cupples, John, DDS
Dampier, Charles
Darrow, Laurence, DDS
David & Barbara Cohen Foundation
DeLong, David, DDS
Dental Staff On Call
Desai, Bhakti, BDS
DiBene, Susan, DDS
Dressman Charles, DDS
Driven Academics
Dubin, Jack, DDS
Dyess, Vanessa
Elman, Steven, DMD
Enriquez, Victor, DDS
Ercolini, Roger
Eslami, Yashar, DDS
Fagan, Mark, DDS, MS
Fathi, Nava, DDS
Follmar, Troy, DDS
Fox, Stephen, DDS
Frame, Alan, DDS
Frank, Theresa, DDS
Fremont Bank
Frey, William, DMD
Frutchey, Barbara
Gert, Maria
Gilford, Leonard
Glass, Jerry, DDS
Gong, Gordon, DMD
Grant, Lloyd, DDS
Gray, Jerome, DDS
Griffith, Peter, DDS
Gum, Nancy, DDS, MSD
Harsono, Masly, DDS
Hayashi, Christine DDS, MS
Henderson Scott, DMD
Herndon, Julie, DDS
Holyk, Stewart
Horst, Orapin, DDS, MS
Hsieh, Abraham
Ishida, Phyllis, DDS
Judd, R. Martin, DDS
Karamardian, Liza, DDS
Kerris, Natalie
Kinoshita, Gerald, DDS
Kitamura, Tiffany, DDS
Kwong, Jeff, DDS, MSD
Lam, Katie
Latorre, Arturo, DDS
Le, Diep, DDS
Le, Que V., DMD
Lee, Randy, DDS
Lee, Stanley, DDS
Lin, Isaac, DDS
Litch, Joyce, DDS, MSD
Lo, Jacqueline, DDS
Loller, Stephanie, DDS
Los, Stephen, DDS
Lucero, Alexia, DDS
Luu, Michael, DMD
Ma, Wenge, DDS
Maher, Michael, DMD
Mahon, Lotus, DDS
Make Compliance Simple
Marks, Clifford, DDS
Mason, Fariba
Massoomi, Nima, DMD, MD
McCleve, Don
McKeever, Michael, DDS
Merat, Haleh, DDS
Mozafari, Setareh, DDS
Murray, Anne, DDS
Nakano, Russell, DDS
Napolitano, Lawrence, DDS
Nelson, Deloris
Nelson, Stephen
Nguyen, Baokhanh, DDS, MSD
Nguyen, Nick, DMD
Nguyen, Thu, DDS
Nguyen, Tina, DDS
Nguyen, Tuan, DDS
Nishimura, Mark, DDS
Nix, Ned, DDS, MA
Nomura, Pamela, DDS
Nora, Jack, DDS
Nunez, Gerardo
Oshidari, Terry H.
Patterson Dental
Pepper, Donald, DDS
Pettengill, Craig, DDS
Phan, Hai, DDS
Phorth, Amy, DDS
Piccione, Michael, DDS
Pisacane, John, DMD
Purcell, Susan, DDS
Rabitz, Greg, DDS
Rahimi, Mamal, DDS
Rauchwerger, George
Reddy, Raju, DDS, MD
Renner, Lisa
Roney, Candace
Sharma, Sanjeev
Shen, John, DDS
Shetty, Deepak, DDS
Shiba, Nancy, DDS
Shimizu, Ken, DDS, MSD
Shorey, Robert, DDS
Smiles For Life Foundation
Smith, Pieter, DDS
Soares, John
Stein, Ben, DDS
Sturla, Warren, DDS
Subramanian, Latha, DDS
Swanson, Dennis, DDS
Tieu, Louis, DDS, MD
Tiret & Co.
Tong, John, DDS, MSD
Tong, M.F., DDS, MSD
Townsend, Julia, DDS
Trifilo, Robert, DDS
US Bank
Uyehara, Clinton, DDS
Uyesugi, Kaz, DDS
Valera, Leyli, DDS
Vander Kam, Natalie, DDS
Vasquez, Christina M.
Wallis, Kenneth, DDS
Watkins, William, DDS
Weatherholt, Carey, DDS
Weber, Walt, DDS
Webster, Daniel
Westbrook, Perry, DDS
Wong, Wendy, DDS
Wu, Jennifer, DDS
Yamasaki, Art, DDS
Yanez, Jesus, DDS
Yang, Bexter, DDS, MS
Yemoto, Wes, DDS
Yoshida, Ralph, DDS
Yoshioka, Steve, DDS
Young, Gary
Zeidler, Gary, DDS
Zoufan, Keivan, DDS